Introducing Lil Boo Industries!

Ta da! Introducing Alyna's new art print shop on etsy, Lil Boo Industries. If you're like us and fervently believe that Mad Men is one of the most exquisite TV shows of all time, then the shop's current offerings will be sure to delight you. A sneak peak below:

Peggy strutting into the McCann offices to take what's hers. Print available here.

Peggy rollerskating into the future (organ-playing Roger not included). Print available here.

Alyna is very modest and decidedly not the self-promoting type, so I've taken it upon myself to announce the opening of her art print shop on our blog. This must be what it feels like to be the proud parent of 20 honor roll students.

Why don't you just put on Draper's pants while you're at it,